Barcelona Bluegrass Band


The Barcelona Bluegrass Band is the brainchild of five-string-banjo player Lluís Gómez and harmonica player Joan Pau Cumellas. They assembled a cast of Spanish instrumentalists such as Miguel Talavera, Ricky Araiza and Albert Bello (guitar), Oriol Saña (fiddle), Maribel Sánchez (double bass) and Robbie K.Jones (cajón) to realise their musical vision. The CD is kicking off with Earl Scruggs' "Blowing Groundspeed," followed on the heels by the traditional "Angelina the Baker" (a Stephen Foster song turned into an old-timey instrumental, compare -> FW#39) There's self-penned pieces by Gómez, more from Grisman and Monroe, plus the famous "Orange Blossom Special" and "Cluck Old Hen" and some traditional Irish jigs and reels. The playing is excellent, the arrangements imaginative. The overall sound is fresh, stretching bluegrass music into a new acoustic sphere. Sometimes it needs outsiders such as these Spaniards to show them Yanks on which side the bread is buttered on. If you don't believe my word, the excellence has been recognized by Alison Brown and Tim Carter who contribute some duelling five-string banjos (#18, #25, #38). Gracias, muchachos!
Thomas Keller "Folkworld"

Last week I received a copy of "The Barcelona Bluegrass Band" new CD!!

WOW it is a CD you will listen to over and over again. A nice blending of Bluegrass, Jazz and Flamenco. Oriol Sana, who plays a Bubinga 5 string violin I made for him a year or so ago, is an amazing talent! I had heard some of his music before and I knew he was extremely talented, but when I heard him play on this CD I was BLOWN AWAY! this guy is Smokin'

I would not encourage people to listen to this CD if it were not sooo good. If it was poor showing for my violin I wouldn't want people to hear it but this CD is just the opposite. Oriol really makes my violin sound great and I am proud to have him as a friend and player.

The other members of the band are all super talents. I am a harmonica player so I was especially excited by the Wolrd Class harmonica by Joan Pau Cumellas. This guy redefines what can be done with a harmonica!
Barry Dudley, Violin Maker

It is refreshing, inspiring and surprising to discover something so totally new could emerge from the low-tech combination of traditional acoustic instruments. What is particularly interesting is that Barcelona Bluegrass Band combines harmonica and Cajon percussion elements with traditional Bluegrass instruments in driving and fun way. The blended virtuosity of these fine musicians sets a new standard for the acoustic music of today.
Tom Nechville, banjo inventor